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The icy cold sleep… “Knights of the Lion” (formally known as Heroes of Trell …HOT) gain many a bard’s song during their many months fighting the Queens minions. Their lists of deeds include but not limited to: protecting Andre, a son of Adam, planting the seed of the Great Tree Ishilandra, undermining the Queen’s supply lines, taken on the coven of beholderkin and convincing the MerKing to go against the Queen. Their tireless efforts became the pest she could not ignore. She confronted them directly… They put up a valiant fight, but as she appeared to be losing, she stopped time and froze them all in an icy tomb never to see the warmth of spring again… Aslan is once again thought to be only a story to give children false hope. 74 years have past, The Queen Jandis is still in control, the land is barren and a blight of what it once was. Small outcroppings of rebels crop up from time to time always to be crushed. Now, a young fox named Jax has been looking for the “Knights of Lion” as they are referred to now. He is currently a currer for the Queens army, manipulating job transfers to investigate various caves around Trell. PCs: Jax the fox ranger, Gloria a Pixie Sorceress, Grylls a bear holy warrior, Llusion a giant wizard, and Brewer a satyr bard. Narnia #22: New beginnings… Jax is off duty and investing the 354th cave, but this one is different, this one is much colder than all of the other caves he has been to. That Chimera that he just killed may have been guarding more than its lair… As Jax continued into the large cave, he found a room FULL of large blocks of ice, each of which had some humanoid figure in the center of each. He had planned for this day, hoping for a little luck he threw a fire bead into a large group of ice blocks. Several minotaur and satyr and one pixie were freed from the ice. The group seemed to turn on one of them a satyr with a lion headed belt buckle. Brewer rang one of his bells and put half of them to sleep including Jax!!! He fascinated several others. Once fascinated he convinced them to fight each other. After nearly falling down himself, Brewer was able to kill the last one standing among the civil war… After looking through the bodies both dead and sleeping, Brewer lo cated a fox wielding a bow with a lion on it and awoke him. He explained his quest and desire to free the rest of the Knights of the Lion without freeing any more of the Queens minions… Brewer took some time examining the blocks of ice and knowing the other knights of the lion as well as he does noticed Grylls and Llusion, Jax fireball that area, freed more queen minions and another conflict ensued with the knights defeating them with the aid of Grylls and Lusion. Eventually Gloria was found and freed. They continued search through the ice bucket challenge failures for Zephyr, Andre, TD, Creon, Reepicheep, Shift and Dread. Unfortunately minotaur all look alike even when NOT covered in 3 feet of ice. Once they discovered all the rest radiated evil, they felt all of the knights in this cave had been freed. They then started to see if greater magic items could be discovered in the ice and freed two of the larger blocks. A minotaur (not Dread) and a Dragon were freed. The dragon breathed fire and freed many others. Another fight ensued but after Jax showed the party what an archery specialist can do and Gloria pulled out a Mordenkainen sword and multiple chain lightning spells the fight was over in short order. DM Notes: Email me updated PC, +1 benny next time, Detail Adv notes in character +1 benny,

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